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  1. Ali J. Gonzalez
    November 24, 2014 @ 4:15 am

    Dear Ross Patterson, im from Venezuela and i dont know write in english, i hope you can understand in the Spirit and faith of Christ that join us.
    Im writting only to invite you to see this material to boost your investigation if you didnt know already. Sorry for disturb. GOD BLESS YOU.


  2. Chris Dix
    January 5, 2015 @ 1:12 am

    Dear Ross,
    I was watching your video on Sodom and Gomorrah. Great work
    I was a little perplexed by your remarks on eternal fire. Saying the unsaved are destroyed once not eternally. I have to ask you to think about what your saying. Yes the cities were destroyed once. However the word eternal “aiò„nios” is the same word used for those saved. Are you saying that our salvation is also like that of the damned?
    We have sinned against an eternal God and we will either be rewarded or punished eternally. There is no time after the end of the world, we will be with Him for ever. Please think on this and ask God for the truth. I Like the work you have done and will share it with everyone who will take the time to watch it.
    Unfortunately this error is a product of corrupt bible translations. These translations don’t come from the Textus receptus but from the Sinaticus and Vaticanus, by Westcott and Hort. All these Bible including the NASB and NKJV come from these corrupted Catholic Manuscripts. You will be surprised when you investigate the origins of these texts. Could be a subject of a new Movie/Documentary.
    The KJV is the only English Bible that comes from the Textus Receptus texts or “Majority” text. It comes back to the original lie of the Garden “has God said”. We have the word of God “once” delivered to the saints.
    God Bless and keep up the good fight.


  3. Bob
    October 30, 2015 @ 6:48 am

    I have a question. The question is, according to brother Nathaniel the wailing wall is not the remains of the Old Temple mount (The remains of the Temple mount from Old Jerusalem) is located five miles south of what we believe is the Temple Mount or wailing wall. Ok if the Temple mount is not the remains of Solomon’s temple but instead is the remains of the old Roman Fort of San Antonia (See Satan at the wailing wall by Brother Nathan) then how is Solomon’s temple going to be rebuilt there. Wouldn’t they have to relocate the former Solomon’s temple and build it there? Wouldn’t that imply that either Solomon’s temple cannot be rebuilt until they find the true location; or the Temple they are now building is not Solomon’s temple? I feel like I was unjustly kicked off one of your sites for even suggesting that Solomon’s temple will never be rebuilt. All this time, for 40 years now I have been waiting for Solomon’s temple to be rebuilt. But what if we were wrong all this time. What if the temple is never rebuilt? Then what. One more question I have is, If the Sacrafice Lamb (Jesus Christ) has already arrived 2000 years ago and he fulfilled the Prophecies by offering himself on the cross, then why does the Temple have to be rebuilt? I cannot find this prophecy of a third building of the Temple anywhere in the Scriptures. Daniel Chapter nine speaks of the Streets and the Walls being built. But there is no mention of the rebuilding of a third temple. It doesn’t matter if your sister site does not reinstate me. But I wonder why I was excommunicated if thats is what they did to me for suggesting the temple would not be rebuilt; rather than asking me why I would say such of a thing. Don’t any of your members ask these questions? or are they afraid of being kicked out?


  4. Tony Copeland
    May 6, 2020 @ 4:41 am

    Dear Ross, I enjoyed your video researching the egyptologist views on the biblical origin and the eschatological view on the death of the man. However, you did not confirm mas as a spirit rather he is just like the animal. I think there is a significant difference between man and beast, where the animal is just dirt/dust?
    1. What is the difference between soul and spirit (man)?
    2. What happened to the spirit of man after death?
    I will be grateful for a scholarly explanation
    Tony Copeland


  5. David Doerr
    December 7, 2021 @ 8:52 am

    Tony, you will want to consider the third chapter of Ecclesiastes, at these verses:

    [16] I saw under the sun in the place of judgment wickedness, and in the place of justice iniquity. [17] And I said in my heart: God shall judge both the just and the wicked, and then shall be the time of every thing. [18] I said in my heart concerning the sons of men, that God would prove them, and shew them to be like beasts. [19] Therefore the death of man, and of beasts is one, and the condition of them both is equal: as man dieth, so they also die: all things breathe alike, and man hath nothing more than beast: all things are subject to vanity. [20] And all things go to one place: of earth they were made, and into earth they return together.


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